Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lastest Campaign update

The latest game played between my Black Templar and the Dark Angels at a points value ended in a victory for me! It was a really close game that almost game down to a kill points determination but at the last moment I contested his objective. If the game had gone on one more turn at least there is a possibility he might of up routed me or I would have eliminated his only remaining squad. After five rounds the only units left of his army were a whirlwind and a 5 man combat squad that was a man down. After the game was over we talked about what he could have done to last a little longer with his troops and what he might have changed overall. His original list consisted of a 10 man squad in a rhino, a whirlwind, a 5 man squad, another 5 man squad with his Commander and a Chaplin in Terminator armor, and lastly a dreadnought with las-cannons. My list was two ten man squads one all close combat with a melta for good measure, the other was all bolters and a melta, the Emperors champions was with the bolter squad, which is unusual for me but I thought they may need some help in the CC department so he was there more for there protection. Lastly I had a 5 man assault squad with a powerfist, melta bombs and my Marshall with a jump pack and lighting claws.

In the start of the game he was a little overly confident that he had the advantage over me due to the lack of heavy weapons and armor. I explained to him that was part of his initial mistake. Right off the back he moved his rhino towards my CC squad, the whirlwind moved into position to fire on the same squad. His command squad which was by its self on the left side of the board started closing in on my Emperors Champion and friends. In shooting the rhino popped smoke, the dreadnought fired a las cannon shot into the bolter marines but it was absorbed by a cover save. The whirlwind fired towards the CC squad but landed pretty far off its mark.

My turn, everyone moves forward, the assault marines jump into cover, and make their saves. The close combat and bolter squads move towards the Rhino and Command squad respectively. Rather than bother shooting at the front of a rhino with bolt pistols the CC squad runs forward 3 inches. On the other side the bolter marines also run forward 5 inches and still manage to find some cover for the next turn. while my Assault marines stay out of the line of sight of the dreadnought for now.

Now it was his turn again first the rhino charges forward and stops right in front of the CC squad and right next to the Assault squad, and drops its troops. Both his dreadnought and whirlwind move into firing positions. While the command squad moves forward enough to fire in the shooting phase but not assault. After all the shooting is resolved I've lost one assault marine and one bolter marine. My emperors champions and friends moves forward two inches. The assualt squad also moves foward and inch. Now its back to me, first move is to jump my assualt marines behind his troops and their rhino, the CC sqaud now moves up into the building and faces the disembarked troops and their rhino. The E.C. and company move forward just enough to make sure that they are in assualt range. In the shooting phase both the assualt marines and the CC marines unless a hail of bolt pistol shots killing three men. Next everyone assualts, my Marshall kills 4 the assualt marines fail to kill anyone this round and the CC marines finish off the squad taking a lose of two men. My E.C. kills the dark angels leader right off the bout and makes all his own saves. The bolter marines who accompany him kill three of the five men left in that squad, another dies from forced saves.

Next turn, the rhino attempts to escape then turns and fires it storm bolter at the CC squad the dreadnought is now at the edge of the building and and fires into the CC squad also, over all they lose two more men. The next shot from the whirlwind drifts off mark as does the frag missile fired from the 5 man tac squad. No loses occur in assault this turn. On my movement phase the CC squad moved out of the terrain towards the rhino, while the remaining assault marines jump over the ruined building landing in front of the dreadnought. In the shooting phase both the dreadnought and the rhino are destroyed by melta blasts! The rhino explodes killing one of the CC squads members. Finally the terminator Chaplin falls in combat and the remaining members of the squad consolidate 4 inches towards the remaining enemies who are now in the south western corner of the board. All that remains of the dark angel forces are the single whirlwind and a 5 man tac squad.

The next turn is used by the dark angels to try and kill the remaining CC marines who close in on their positions, few fall but not enough. All of my turn was used to move and run closer hoping that I will be able to capture the objective at the last moments. With just five marines in the close combat squad left, three assault marines, and my Emperors champion and his attached squad to far from the objective a final push was my only hope.

On the fifth and what would end up being the final turn the whirlwind moves behind the tactical squad both fire at the close combat marines hoping to get at least a few kills but none fall. Then my assault marines jump over to the whirlwind ready to slap melta-bombs to shell. In the assault phase (I skipped the shooting so that I would lose any assault range) my assualt marines atempt to attach the melta-bombs but fail to get a good hold. The close combat marines charge into the crater but fail to reach the enemies held up inside.

That is how our game ended the objective was contested by my forces, I never lost a full squad of men and he was down two squads and two support units. Over all it was a very interesting and fun match, it really couldnt have taken longer than an hour and a half at that.

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