Saturday, June 27, 2009

Chaos Theory

When something can go wrong it usually does. Hopefully everyone had a better Friday than i did. I was driving home from work, and boom the engine starts to die. Now to make this even better i was in the middle of a 4 lane highway with an off ramp which makes it about 6 lanes wide in rush hour traffic and there is an 18 wheeler behind me. But I managed to pull off to the left hand shoulder if that is what you can call it, there was just enough room between the guard rail and the line for my car to fit. The only good part about where I had broken down is a State trooper had just pulled someone over on the opposite side of the road and when he had finished with them came over and sat behind my car so people wouldn't hit me. Then while I was waiting for the tow truck he called another squad car and the pushed me to the right hand shoulder using there cars to push and block traffic across all 6 lanes. I thanked him and he left, I saw him a few moments later on the opposite side of the highway chasing someone or headed somewhere in a hurry. Now I just had to wait for the tow truck, in my car who's windows wouldn't go down in what I'm assuming was about 85-90 degrees with 75-80% humidity. Over all I wasn't to happy, The tow truck and my wife show up to save me at about 6:30pm.. I had left work around 5:15 broke down about 5:30. The tow truck driver says he will take my car back to my house and cut me a deal it would only cost me 90 dollars, not bad since AAA paid for the hook up. So now my car sits outside my apartment waiting for me to go downstairs and rip it apart find out what happened and fix it. Lucky for us before I worked for the cable company and started doing tattoos I was a technician so all this is really going to cost is parts and time.

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