Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tournament almost finished

So we have one more game in the tournament to play before we kick off the campaign. Its come down the The ork's versus chaos, it should be interesting. I do plan to make a detailed battle report with the events. So stay tuned!

On some side notes I have a decent amount of stuff on my plate to complete.
1. Finish painting/converting/basing my Templar army.
2. Finish painting the Chaos terminator lord
3. Paint a defiler for the same Chaos army
4. Paint and base a Nurgle Daemon prince
5. Continue work on my table/ Terrain pieces
6. Finish sculpting feeder tendrils for a couple of genestealer heads
7. Start conversion work on a chapter master for a friend.
8. Make a drop pod for the dreadnought

I'm also drawing up plans for a Mars pattern Warhound Titan.
So that about sums it up and thats just 40k related, I'm planning on paying for must of this by doing some tattoo's and commisions.

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