Saturday, April 18, 2009


So before we kick off our campaign we decided to have a little preliminary tournament, just to get everyone in the mindset and make sure they are up to date on rules and such.
So far the results are:

Round One:
Necrons Vs Templar : Necrons win and move onto round two
Chaos Vs Tau : Chaos move onto round two
Orks Vs Templar : Orks Win by Victory Points
Templar VS Tau : Templar Win move onto round two.

Round Two:
Necrons Vs Orks : Orks Win and move on to final round.
Templar VS Choas : Choas Wins and moves onto final round.

Final Round:
Orks VS Choas: To be Determined!

The over all winner of this tournament will be one of the first players in game one of the campaign. More updates to come as I get them!

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