Saturday, April 18, 2009

+Battle Report Orks Vs Templar 750 pts+

Orks Vs Templar at 750 pts. Mission was capture and control with a spearhead deployment. The
Orks held the ruined temple as their objective while the Templar Secured a crater near the downed body of an Aquila Lander.
++Turn 1++
Templar Forces maneuver to secure the crashed Aquila, while the companies two land speeder squads position themselves to flank the Orks. The accompanying dreadnought lumbers forward spotting two kila-cans. One of the land speeders fires a typhoon missile into an exposed Can, but fails to penetrate its armour.

The orks move forward securing the ruined temple and both of its flanks. The war boss and his Nob's look over the battle field from the temple. The kila-cans lumber forward toward the runied building the squad returns fire at the land speeder but fails to hit. While dodging the fire from the kila-can the landspeeder crew is hit and stunned by cross fire from a big shoota.

++Turn 2++
Screaming out of orbit a drop pod lands behind enemy lines The Emperors Champion and nine marines disembark. Meanwhile a Kilacan is immobilized by the Templar dreadnought when it's hit by a blast of melta. The disembarked marines fire into the ork command squad only causing one wound, after a flame thrower malfunction. A blast of wind rushes by as the deathwind mounted in the drop pod fires into the rear of the closest ork horde killing Five.

The orks Ork forces turn about face and and fire into the newest threat only killing two marines, and the Sluga boys fire at a landspeeder and continue its stunned result. While the remaining Kilacan emerges from cover and fires at another landspeeder with no success. The shoota boys rushed into the disembarked marine lines, both sides exchanging blows, the ensuing carnage left eleven boys and four marines dead but both sides held strong.

Heavy bolter fire from a landspeeder claims two ork kills, and the Templar's dreadnought claimed the remaining kila-can. Meanwhile the emperors champion claimed the life of two more orks, while shrugging off the counter attacks of the enemy. The orks claimed no marine lives this round but continued to hold the line.

Sluga boys advance forward and fire at the disabled landspeeder failing to damage it. Enraged they charge forward and rip it to pieces bringing it crashing down. The ork warboss and retinue charge into the engaged marines to support their ork brethren claiming the life of the Emperors champion.

++Turn 4++
The dreadnought advances on the approaching sluga boys and fires but fails to hit anything but cover. The remaining landspeeder flanks the sluga boys and claims 5 more kills. With the Emperors champion slain the remaining marines push on killing one nob and five more boys. But to no avail as they are all cut down at the hands of the warbosses retinue. Which then turns its attention to the droppod making sure its weapon systems are destroyed.

++Turn 5++
The remaining landspeeder moves forward with the dreadnought navigating the ruined building, both fire into the sluga boys claiming six ork lives.
All the remaining ork forces realizing that capturing the enemy objective is out of reach start to retreat to reinforce their own objective, while taking cover in the rubble of the fallen pillars they fire at the landspeeder disabling its missile systems. A Waaagh is declared and the sluga boys charge forward taking down the remaining landspeeder.

With both sides still holding their own objectives a draw was declared, but both parties agreed that to move the tournament along that we would use Victory points to determine the winner. By a very close count the Ork horde came out victorious.
****More pictures to Come ****

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