Friday, March 20, 2009

Up Coming Campaign

With the construction of my gaming table complete, a few friends and I are starting up a campaign to kick off its use. everything is going to start small about 500-750 Pt's and continue to go up from there. At its peak it may end in almost Apocalypse sized finally.
Plans right now are to have at least one objective that if held till the end of each game will give that player a bonus to the next game they play in. For example if a factory is won next game they can have an extra heavy slot in the force chart.
Hopefully I remember to take lots of pictures so battle reports can be completed for each game, and onces its all done i plan on writing up all the battles and making it a actual campaign that can be played by others and have some story to go with it.

More to come!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I finally have the ability to log into my blog at work now, for how long I'm not sure but for as long as it lasts I should be able to update more.
So just to bring everyone up to date on whats been going on with me in my absence:
1. Built a new gaming table- its still a WIP as its just blue foam and wood.
2. I converted a mini into the marshall for my Templar pictures should follow soon
Its a Grey knight in Termi armor weilding lighting claws greened loin-cloth Converted shoulder pads!
3. I've played a good number of battles recently I would say maybe 6 or 7 in the past three weeks.
4. The army is coming along nicely I have what can amount to a little over 2000pts and growing.
5. I've gotten a request to convert/paint a model for a friend.
6. Been busy with the Family helping my wife go to modeling gigs, tattoo conventions, and playing with my little girl.
7. I've also gotten a good number of tattoo requests recently as well..

So all in all just not enough time in the day.