Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Terrain WIP, the lastest project in a long line.

So this is one of the many things I have been working on in my absence. The building is obviously from the Cities of Death line. I made the sand bags craters and tree from air dry clay. There is barbed wire running from one side to the other and the tree "grows" through it. You can also see some of my Templar in there; working on adding flames coming from my assault marines jet packs. The whole building is going to have a black base coat, then copper coating, and weathered with a turquoise stippling/wash. I do plan on going back and cleaning up the details like the Admec symbol and gauges and such. Hopefully once I get a better camera (one with at least a marco setting) I will be able to take some better pictures and some of the details.

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