Monday, October 27, 2008

The Tide Turns.

So I have been tweaking my army list because lets face it the armies I fight most are horde armies, Orks and Nids. Well over the past few games they had disregarded me only sending what they believed to be enough forces to wipe me up, and during my learning and adjusting curve for these lists it worked ok most of the time. Well that all changed on this past Saturday. The game started as normal to massive horde armies and my well Templar. Like normal they split their forces sending smallish attack squads my way, that was until the first one reached my marines that were behind some nice cover and during shooting did not kill one! That is when the tide turned 1 30 ork squad took 22 bolter rounds, two flame temps a plasma shot, several bolt pistols and was moped up by some assault marines. In that moment everything stopped and the tides turned right towards me, no longer was I a side note but a force they had to worry about anything that came near the objective was destroyed by Terminators. Auto-cannon shots rang out. In the end i was over run with Nids but not before I took down most of the Orks, a large portion of the Nids did the last Marine fall.. and not in vain for most of the more expensive troops fell to marine swords.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The first post

Welcome! this shall be the first of what I hope to be many more posts. so the basic run down of what I am going to be using this blog for is the evolution into the background for my Templar army. Along with the Campaign I am running and some modeling, painting and terrain pieces. More to come!